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San Judas Pharmacy  is a community base  pharmacy, and that means we are all about you. 

It should be somewhere you can go and feel cared for. It should be somewhere you can go and talk to someone about your illness and actually be listened to and understood.

At least, that’s our opinion – so that’s how we work.

we work with your doctors and insurance companies, because you should only have to focus on yourself, and on getting better – not on having to deal with things that will stress you out.

Ketki Yagnik, NY

“They're my preferred pharmacy since they're very helpful with everything"

Lisa Driver, NY

“Moved to the neighborhood in March and needed to find a new local spot. I thank lucky starts to find this Pharmacy. They are top notch! A friendly face every time you come in for a prescription. Much love to people who work here always smiling and bringing the joy into the workday..”
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